The Hartree Centre

Transforming UK industry through high-performance computing, ‘big data’ and AI

The Hartree Centre is a UK supercomputing centre that specialises in industrial engagement.

It was established to allow UK and international businesses, ranging from large corporate organisations to start-ups and small firms, to benefit from specialist expertise and access to supercomputers and other emerging technologies usually only available to academic researchers.

Part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the Hartree Centre was established following significant funding from UK government and it benefits from strategic partnerships with major industry leaders. It brings together some of the most advanced systems, technologies and experts in the supercomputing field and successful collaborations with international businesses such as IBM have been key to improving the services it offers, to reducing its electricity costs and to refining supercomputing algorithms.

Sectors of the economy where the Hartree Centre is generating impact include: consumer goods (32%), energy (6%), manufacturing (14%), transport (6%), chemicals (7%), ICT (14%) and others (21%). In its first four years of operation, the centre delivered:

  • 100 projects with commercial companies and 67 with public sector organisations such as the Met Office
  • £27.5 million of net commercial benefit for its users
  • A further £7.1 million of net impact from its operational expenditure
  • 130 training courses for businesses, delivering a total of 3,760 training days

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